LV Power and Control Cables

LV Power and Control Cables


Low voltage cables are most widely used among all cables. Low voltage power cables are used in electric power distribution substations, industrial applications to distribution electric panels, etc. While control cables carry signals from electrical devices, switchgears, etc to control room. Voltage range includes 0.6/1.0 kV & 1.8/3.0 kV for power cables and 0.6/1.0 kV for control cables. These cables are manufactured to international standards including BS, IEC and other national & utility standards.

Annealed Plain Copper Conductor
XLPE Insulation*
Armoured or Unarmoured
PVC Outer Sheath**

Applicable Standards
BS 5467 / IEC 60502‐1 / BS 7889 / Utility Standards

Product Range
1 core – 50 to 1000 mm2
2 core & 5 core – 1.5 to 120 mm2
3 core & 4 core – 1.5 to 400 mm2
Above 5 core to 48 Cores – 1.5 to 4 mm2

For fixed installation in industrial areas, buildings and similar applications for carrying out electric power and in control circuits.

Rated Voltage
0.6/1.0 (1.2) kV , 1.8/3 (3.6) kV

Operating/Short Circuit Temperature
90°C / 250°C

Flame retardant to IEC 60332-1
Fire resistant to IEC 60331‐11 & 21*
– Flame retardant to IEC 60332-1
– Low smoke emission to IEC 61034-1 & 2, light transmittance 60%↑
– Halogen acid gas test to IEC 60754-1 & 2, halogen content 0.5%↓

Type Tested By


*PVC or Rubber(EPR) insulated cables can be manufactured on request.
**Special PVC outer sheaths can be provided on request to incorporate below properties,
‐Stringent Flame Retardant test IEC 60332‐3‐Cat.A/Cat.B/Cat.C or
‐Low smoke emission or low toxicity
‐Resistant to Anti‐termite & rodents or Oil or Hydrocarbons.