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Nuhas is committed to provide a quality experience to its customers. Quality assurance is not only the prime driver but an attitude for our organisation. Nuhas has an in-house TQM system backed with well equipped quality control facility manned by qualified professionals to verify input, process and product conformity – with all design and manufacturing processes strictly controlled.

It is the policy of Nuhas Oman to supply customers with products, fully meeting their requirements. All our products perform their required functions safely, consistently and reliably for their intended use and life and fully meet the relevant international specifications such as BS, IEC, ASTM etc.

Nuhas sources its raw materials from internationally reputed suppliers. Prior to introduction in the production process, all incoming raw materials are analyzed and tested to verify their quality compliance with specifications. We continually strive to evaluate new materials and their potential use in our designs.
We test virtually every type of product attribute to confirm conformity with international specifications using state-of the art measuring instruments with respect to:

  1. Physical Properties
  2. Chemical Composition / Properties
  3. Electrical Properties
  4. Mechanical Properties
  5. Metallurgical properties
  6. Functional / Performance Tests including Flammability tests

The test procedures include

  1. Spectroscopy
  2. High frequency measurements
  3. Chemical analysis
  4. Accelerated aging
  5. Shielding effectiveness

Where required, our finished products are also type tested and certified from BSI – UK and other International testing laboratories. Type tests are also performed in-house as per pre-defined regular quality plans to ensure and guarantee the quality of manufactured products.

The result?

Our end-users receive a consistently reliable high quality product that typically meets or exceeds the needs of the marketplace.

Copper purity testing – Spectro Analytical Instruments to measure purity of copper rods as per ASTM B49.

Oxygen content testing – Leco to measure Oxygen content in Copper Rods as per ASTM B49.

Conductor resistance measurement.

Universal tensile tester – Testometric to measure mechanical properties (Tensile strength and elongation) on metallic & non-metallic raw or processed materials.

Profile projector – Mututoyo for radial thickness measurement of insulation.

Hot set test oven – Elastocon to measure mechanical properties of aged cross-linked insulations and sheaths.

Electrical type test on Medium Voltage cables – Impulse test, Heat cycle test, High voltage test, Tan δ Partial discharge measurmant.

Impulse generator – HAEFELY HIPROTRONICS for Impulse test on Medium Voltage Cables.

Vertical flame propagation test on cables as per IEC 60332-1.

Smoke density test – S.A. Associates as per ASTM D2843.

Laboratory Roll mill for polymer testing.